Month: April 2016

Ten home remedies with ice

Ten home remedies with Ice Tech ice. 10 remedios caseros con hielo

Hello! We have said many times that ice is one of our best allies when we have some kind of discomfort. Today we are going to teach you  10 ice home remedies that will make you feel great. Fever, cold sores…

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It is spring in Ice Paradise

Paraíso de hielo Ice Tech / Ice Tech paradise

This Ice Paradise is known for being one of the best places to see the Aurora Borealis. Do you know what place we’re talking about? Yes, exactly, Lapland.

How many of you can find Lapland o…

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Ice is vital for transplants

Hielo Ice Tech para la conservación de órganos de trasplantes

Spain is the leading country in organ donation. More than 10 transplants are performed per day, and donations figures increase every year. How important is ice for transplants?

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Ice Tech Movies: Finally comes Frozen 2!

Películas de hielo Ice Tech / Ice Tech movies

We are in luck! Not every day ice is the main character of one of the biggest blockbuster films.

Ice Movies: Finally com…

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