Five curiosities of the Venice Carnival

We know that the Venice Carnival is not only the most popular party in Italy, but also one of the most important in the world. That’s why from Ice Tech we tell you some curiosities so that you can know better one of the most unique events that you can attend. You should not miss them!

  1. Did you know…? It is one of the four best carnivals in the world

The Venetian carnival is among the four best carnivals in the world, sharing group with the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the Carnival of Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Carnival of Barranquilla in Cologne.

  1. Did you know…? It emerged thanks to the Venetian nobility

The nobles needed to be able to mix with the people in an anonymous way, for that reason, in the 11th century, they created this party in which they went unnoticed and preserved their identity. Under those masks both rich and poor could be found, disappearing differences and enjoying only the celebration. Who could you have by your side?

Carnevale di Venezia

  1. Did you know…? It was banned by Napoleon

The famous Venetian carnival is not everyone’s taste, an example was Napoleon who forbade it for fear of conspiracies in 1797, and it was not fully recovered until the twentieth century. It was in 1979 when it acquired its character of official celebration, celebrating it since then just before the Christian Lent.

  1. Did you know…? The typical sweets are the Frittole, the Galano and the Castagnoles

During this festivity the Venetians were be happy to offer you their three typical sweets: Frittole fritters are the most popular, we recommend them for a rich breakfast or snack during Carnival parties. Another traditional sweet is the Galano, similar to the fritter of a similar flavour and, finally, the Castagnoles which are butter balls of butter, eggs and sugar. Delicious!

Carnevale di Venezia

  1. Did you know…? The most famous mask shop is “La Bottega dei Mascareri”

In this small shop of the Sergio and Massimo Boldrin brothers you can not only buy Venetian masks, but also visit their own museum and factory. In addition, they are famous because they were used in the film “Eyes wide shut” by Stanley Kubrick with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as protagonists. Could you go back home without buying one?