Ice, your biggest ally this Christmas

As we all know, the uses of ice are incredible. Many times, we think that ice is only useful for preparing cocktails, but its usefulness goes much further. Learn with Ice Tech how to preserve your food this Christmas in order to be as fresh as the first day 😉 .

The meals served at family dinners are always examined by everyone. They are like a certificate of quality that is put on the table once cooked with love and dedication. In order to get a 10, it is necessary that everything is in the best conditions. Of course, if you buy everything the same day, you can make it, but the probability of being able to do it is very low.

If the main course is meat, the problem is mitigated, however, how is seafood and fish preserved?


Firstly, it is necessary to wash it well, as this will allow us to eliminate a great quantity of microbes produced by the deterioration of fish. Once dry, it is necessary to wrap it in waxed paper or film in order to avoid its exposure to oxygen.

However, if time is against us, we will have to play with temperature. The colder it is, the less it deteriorates. In fact, keeping it at a temperature of 0° C will allow us to preserve it for more time. The key to all this lies in the Ice Tech chopped ice. That will be our best ally to carry out a good preservation of the product. If at the same time we introduce it in Ice Tech ice, we store it in the fridge (always after wrapping it in film to avoid that water does not deteriorate the fish), our chances of having the best dinner of Christmas’s Eve will increase :).

Natale con Ice Tech

Many of you are probably thinking that the best option is freezing food, but you are very wrong. Despite being the first option in most homes, there are a number of drawbacks that you certainly did not know about. A wrong freeze will cause smell get worse. In addition, there is a wide variety of fish that are sensitive to denaturation, so this process will not be a good choice.

Undoubtedly, seafood is one of your best options this Christmas, especially if accompanied by a good cool white wine 😉 .

Natale con Ice Tech

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