Ice Tech Movies: Finally comes Frozen 2!

We are in luck! Not every day ice is the main character of one of the biggest blockbuster films.

Ice Movies: Finally comes Frozen 2!

Much has happened since the release of Frozen, the Frozen Kingdom in 2013, but the adventures of Elsa and Olaf still give a lot of talk among the youngest and not so young. Finally, it seems that this year the long-awaited sequel will be released: Frozen, a Frozen Adventure. A few days ago, the director of this second part gave more details about the ice princesses that we love.
Ice Tech movies: Frozen 2
Anyone who has watched the film, even once, has in mind the rhythm of “Let it go, let it go”. We are looking forward for knowing the new soundtrack of the second part. Chris Buck, director of the sequel, has advanced in an interview with Fandango, that the Frozen Kingdom will come back very strong. In Frozen, a Frozen Adventure, Elsa begins to enjoy life and to meet fun. Besides, Olaf may fall in love! Can you imagine? The temperature rises in the Frozen Kingdom!
Here’s the trailer that you will leave you frozen!

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