The best Italian destinations to live Christmas 

Christmas is the time of the year in which we decorate our house, we love being with our families and Friends, and it doesn’t matter to spend hours and hours cooking for our beloved ones. Many people prefer travelling, and Italy is the best destination! Get to know with Ice Tech the best Italian places to live Christmas.

Christmas in Milano.

Apart from being famous for the fashion industry, this city is unique on these dates. Its historical town centre and the Duomo Square are the main characters. Its streets and buildings become magic thanks to the city lightning. But not only the lights, also the shows and the entertainment make this festivity become surprising and special. 

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Christmas in Florence.

It is the most famous destination on these days because of its lights, the markets and the sweets. These markets are unique. They have areas dedicated to children, special events (concerts) and shows for everyone.

It is mandatory to go to the Florence Noel, in the Leopoldo station.

Christmas in Rome.

Talking about markets… We can find in the most urban part of Rome the main market in the Pizzara Navona until January. We can find there everything we want regarding Christmas, from decoration to sweets.

The tradition dates from up to 62 years when several jumpers jump from the Cavour Bridge (16 metres) to the Tiber river for new Year’s.

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Christmas in Naples.

Pieces of Art and monuments. The city of culture in Christmas transmits a unique atmosphere and irresistible. You can visit the pieces of art and monuments. The city of culture transmits in Christmas a unique and irresistible atmosphere. You can visit the craft workshops of the Nativity makers in the Via San Gregorio Armeno. These workshops are open all year, but these days they welcome hundreds of tourists who visit Naples on Christmas.

It is also forbidden to miss the City of Wonders in the Porta Gardens (Venice) and spend the evening skating and strolling around its markets and shopping there.


Pack your luggage, get the first plane you find and spend a frozen Christmas with Ice Tech 😉

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