Why buying an ice machine is profitable

Many establishments dedicated to the hospitality sector buy ice bags for the convenience that this entails and for the apparent savings it generates.

However, having an ice machine in your premises is a better guarantee: you save time and money.

Advantages of having an ice machine

The biggest benefit is that it allows you to have control over six key areas:


Economic benefit

Here, there are some examples in which money savings are achieved with an Ice Tech ice machine, taking into account the amount of ice and the cost per kg of ice:

  • A business that consumes 20 kg. of ice at € 0.35/kg has a net profit in five years of more than 1,700 euros.
  • A business that consumes 30 kg. of ice at € 0.50/kg has a net profit per year of more than 4,000 euros.
  • A business that consumes 50 kg. of ice at € 0.45/kg has a net profit per year of more than 6,300 euros.



Always having the ice you need, without unforeseen events or delays, provides peace of mind that, depending on the business, is priceless.


The quality of the ice cube

The ice cubes have a perfect shape and they are completely crystalline and transparent.

Unlike bag ice, they are not cracked or experience changes in temperature, nor are they transported from one place to another, aspects that often affect ice cubes aesthetically and qualitatively.



You will offer a remarkable and high-quality product compared to the competition.


Space savings

An ice machine takes less space than a chest freezer and it even uses less energy.



Our machines are efficient and sustainable. They respect and protect the environment by reducing the ecological footprint associated with transportation.


Ice Tech Ice calculator


Maintaining an ice machine

 As for its maintenance, it is also very simple.

A specific anti-scale filter must be installed to protect the ice machine and it is necessary to plan an annual cleaning so that a specialized technician checks that everything is functioning properly.

Under normal working conditions, after 6-12 months anyone amortizes their acquisition. For all these reasons, buying an ice machine is a great investment.




At Ice Tech we can run the numbers, as we have shown you previously, and calculate the money you can save with an ice machine. We do it by considering the quantity of ice (in kg) consumed per day and the price at which a kilo of bagged ice is bought.

Finally, given the emergency situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to note that by producing your own ice you are guaranteeing hygiene and food safety in your business.

This avoids the risks of contamination that every logistics process entails, from the manufacture and bagging of ice to the delivery to your establishment in a delivery van.