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5 Benefits of Drinking Coffee with Ice Tech ice

Café con Hielo - Portada

We know that ice is one of the best allies for health. If we add this to a good coffee, we can create a unique and addictive blend. However, coffee lovers prefer to take it without ice, not knowing the amount of benef…

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How to make a perfect Tiramisu

Cómo hacer un Tiramisú

Keeping up with desserts! If there is a worldwide known dessert is the Italian tiramisu. Italy is genuine when creating desserts, snacks and beverages. In Ice Tech we would like you know them all and …

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4 beer cocktails that will steal your heart

Cocktail con birra

Beer is one of the most demanded products in the world, specially in summer. It is nutritious, healthy and very refreshing. Shall we make a cocktail with such a desired product? Said and done. From Ice Tech we have se…

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Between the Sheets cocktail, an ideal cocktail to share

If you are a strong emotions and sensuality lover, this cocktail will enchant you. From Ice Tech we would like to tell you everything about the ice world and, if they are cocktails, even better. Would you like to know…

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Fluffy Duck, a very clumsy cocktail

We love cocktails, that’s not surprising. However, we don’t only love them because of their taste, but also because of their decoration and texture. This is what makes a cocktail become much more than just a refreshing drink. From Ice Tech we would l…

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