Benefits of managing ice in the machines

The practice of regularly moving the ice stored in the storage compartment of the machine, even if it may not seem like it, brings many benefits to both the product and the machine itself.

What are the benefits of managing ice in the machine?

Carrying out a correct use and maintenance of the machine will ensure that it lasts for many more years and, on the other hand, by following the tips below, the ice cubes will be of a higher hygiene quality.

Here below, we have made a list of the different benefits that regularly moving the ice can bring:

  • You can take advantage of all the space and capacity of the ice storage compartment
  • You can avoid machine stoppages that might happen because of ice cubes stuck in unnatural positions
  • It prevents the possible forgetting of objects inside the compartment that can damage the machine
  • It facilitates breaking and cutting of ice cube boards that fall into the storage compartment


Benefits of ice management


Hygiene tips when handling ice cubes

When removing or handling the ice cubes, it is important to follow a series of tips to maintain the optimal hygienic conditions of the product.

It is advisable to instruct the team personnel who handle ice, as it is an important aspect, and it is crucial to institute a maintenance and cleaning routine.

Due to the recommendations imposed by the EU hygiene regulations on food, it is advised to follow the following advice:

  • Disinfect hands a few seconds before handling the product
  • Hold the ice scoop by the handle
  • Choose ice scoops with non-porous and washable materials composed of smooth surfaces
  • Choose an easily accessible place to place the shovel. For example, a stainless steel tray
  • Keep only essential materials on the counter


As we have already seen, hygiene and food safety are the most important factors to consider in the production and handling of ice.

All this will help to keep the ice machine in its best conditions and make ice of a higher quality.