Mese: marzo 2016

Preserve food with dry ice

Hielo Seco Ice Tech

Have you ever heard of dry ice? Do you know how it is done and what it is used for? Read on and learn about how to use this type of ice with Ice Tech

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Ice Tech paradises: Nigardsbreen, Norway

Glaciar Ice Tech

You would be surprised with the number of wonderful places you could visit where ice is the protagonist and the engine of that beauty.

Let’s go to Norway in order to have a better…

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El punto Feng Fu o cómo mejorar tu salud con hielo // Feng Fu point or how to improve your health with ice

Ice Tech Ice Makers

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MANHATTAN, el cóctel ICE TECH de faldas y a lo loco // MANHATTAN, the ICE TECH cocktail of some like it hot

Ice Tech SS

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¡Un hotel cubierto de hielo! / An ice hotel!

Ice Hotel Ice Tech

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