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ICE TECH will be present at SIGEP 2018 that takes place from 20th to 24th of January in Rimini (Italy).

In the fair, ICE TECH will showcase its innovations in ice machines, as a leading company in this sector.

You could visit us in HALL B1- STAND 15.

We wait for you at our stand.




I'm not sure that gender quotas serve much, at least not in the private sector. We chatted at the recent Host fair in Milan from these and other issues related to working women with Teodora Varanakis, from our distribution company in Greece. I like to share, what is the reason for the lack presence of women in management positions? Has ever been true the thesis of the 'glass ceiling' which says that it is the woman herself who is self-limited in her professional progress?
We agree that the female entrepreneur finds more difficulties. Fortunately, not already legal, but related to chauvinist inertias that are still present in the world of business and finance. Some argue that this has to do with the neurological implications of sexual difference, and that is why it is very difficult to eliminate prejudices. Instead, others respond, correctly in my opinion, that there are many differences susceptible to create a prejudice (ugly or handsome, Spanish or British, black or white, from this university or from another) and, however, a correct selection and promotion of professionals is able to save these preventions without foundation.
But an entrepreneur, is also something else. His work is more than technically achieve a series of predetermined objectives. And this is where the woman brings, in effect, a different, more complex and open vision ... although I will not say that it is a better vision.
I feel very proud that in ICE TECH the proportion of managers and directives are almost fifty-fifty, in an eminently manufacturing and technological activity. To achieve it, It has not been necessary a policy of quotas, but yes, perhaps, it has been necessary to be commanded by...a businesswoman.

ICE TECH presents its innovations in en HOST MILAN 2017
Ice Tech has participated in the 40th edition of Host Milan 2017, held from 20 to 24 October. The stand has been a success of visitors who have been able to know all the innovations in ice machines.

Ice Tech in Host 2017


For five days, ICE TECH has been at Host Milan, the world's leading hospitality exhibition, with more than 187,000 visitors from 177 countries.

This year, it has presented the new image and brand identity, as well as the latest innovations in ice machines.

Specifically, it has been introduced the new GRN to produce nugget ice, ideal for new trends in cocktails. In addition, the new FD 310 Slim, a perfect machine for producing ice very fast, especially focused on fast-food restaurants. Another important innovation this year has been the new Bin 175 Slim, a perfect ice storage system for all shapes of ice, and ideal for an easy and convenient ice extraction

From Ice Tech we want to thank both the fair and all visitors who have passed our stand and have shared with us the ice passion.

urante cinco días, ICE TECH ha estado presente en Host Milan, la principal exposición mundial de hosteelría, con más de 187.000 visitantes procedentes de 177 países.


Ice Tech in PIR 2017
ICE TECH has been present at the PIR 2017, held in Moscow from 9th to 12th of October in collaboration with the company "Stars of Catering". 

PIR 17


ICE TECH products have been a success among the participants who have shown special interest in our ice machines, strengthening our position in the Russian market.
This year the CD and GR ranges have been exhibited for granular ice, perfect for fresh food exhibitors in supermarkets, restaurants with prepared meals, seafood preservation, cocktails, etc.

Also, the SS 25, which produces ice that melts very slowly, allowing customers to enjoy their cold drinks more carefully.
Thanks to all the visitors and especially to "Stars of Catering" for being part of ICE TECH.

Industria Técnica Valenciana. Plan de Internacionalización 2016


TÍTULO: Industria Técnica Valenciana. Plan de Internacionalización 2016.
Ayudas plan internacionalización - ITAPIN/2016/520
Importe de ayuda concedida: 10.699,00 €

The Ice Tech headquarters in Valencia is training Italian technicians
In order to strengthen the brand in Italy, the Ice Tech headquarter in Valencia is giving course to more than 10 technicians from Italy. The course objective is to learn the operation and maintenance of our ice machines.
Ice Tech has prepared a very pleasant stay in Valencia for both technicians and their companions. Throughout the day you will receive a theory and practice training by the Ice Tech technical service. They will also get to know our production plant through a guided tour of the factory. Ice Tech has organized an immersion day in our plant. Apart from the guided tour and the training, we must add the tasting food of several types of Valencian rice.

In addition, the technicians are staying in a central hotel in Valencia, so they can enjoy the city and its culture in the coming days. Tonight, we will share a dinner at one of the city’s landmark restaurants.

This course is part of Ice Tech’s new policy of providing better customer service. The company, leader in the manufacture of ice machines, strongly relies on the Italian market and on the training of its workers.

This is the first of several trainings that the company will carry out throughout the year. This same course will be repeated in March.
Ice Tech success at Sigep 2017
Ice Tech has succeeded at Sigep! One more year, we are delighted of having been able of taking part in such a successful international fair. In this edition, we have presented our new signs of identity. A fusion between ice and water, with which we feel fully identified.

Ice Tech at Sigep 2017

Everything started at the B1 pavilion, specifically in the Stand 026. A 32 square meters stand. It was like a dream: new image, new colors, new promotions, new identity, new ice and lots of possibilities regarding Ice Tech cocktails.

And that dream has come true thanks to you. We have been able to contact with hundreds of customers from all over the world and, the best of all is that we have met new people who will accompany us on our way.

Our image does not stop growing and we grow with it. It has been very well welcomed all around the world and we cannot be prouder to share it with you.

Thank you very much for sharing with us a moment as special as the one we have just experienced at the fair, full of emotions, which would not have been possible without you.

Ice Tech highlights innovation in its new brand image
Starting a new year brings new emotions, new experiences and, as always, a new life. That happens to us at Ice Tech. We would like to start the year with a good beginning. Therefore, we have renewed our corporate image in order to adapt it to the new philosophy of the brand: customer’s service innovation.

New logo.

It is not a novelty that we love ice, is it? Well, if it has not been clear, we have represented it in our new logo.

Now Ice Tech represents the fusion between water and ice. Our new corporate colours define us: blue, black and white.

New image.

The new image does not develop for no reason. It is thought to reflect modernity and at the same time professionalism. We want it to be more innovative and attractive so that we can capture the efficiency and quality of Ice Tech machines. Our machines are not simply ice machines, but they have the best technology on the market. They provide a unique flavour to cocktails, soft drinks, coffees… No matter what the product is, an extra taste in our ice cubes is added.


Icetech has a training program for students. Yesterday, a group of students visited our manufacturing plant for learn about our technical processes, customer service and about our technologically advance warehouse.
The students are making a course of warehouses and customer service in the Chamber of commerce in Valencia, Spain.

Success at SIGEP 2016

The Sigep 2016 trade show was the perfect setting for Icetech to present its new image.
The latest features of the new generation of ice makers were showcased and were very well received by customers. During the show, Icetech invited its customers to a cocktail to celebrate with them the company's latest products, giving them each a free company football with the purchase of an ice maker.

New products include the SS 400 large capacity ice maker, perfect for businesses that need a reliable high-quality machine to produce large amounts of ice. The SS 400 was presented with a bin for storing ice and dispensing it conveniently.
Icetech also launched its latest display cabinets for preserving food. These cabinets are designed for both sushi and fruit, meat or vegetables.

The FDHD undercounter range, which produces die and half-die shaped ice cubes perfect for fast food outlets, was also presented at Sigep.
Ice Tech will be present at the Host Trade Show in Milan this coming month of October. Once again, as a leading company in the production of ice makers, it will showcase its new innovations to all visitors who drop by the stand. You will find Ice Tech in Hall 9 at stand N10 from October 23 to 27.
Ice Tech will launch three major innovations.

First, the new undercounter FD / HD range which are currently the fastest ice makers on the market, producing a great quantity of ice in a very short time, catering to all types of businesses.
Secondly, Ice Tech will launch the new PS range, which has been redesigned to produce smaller ice cubes, tailored to the needs of its customers. The new range of PS machines have the ideal height for undercounter placement and now come with a newly designed head.

Finally, the new GR 850 CO2 Split, a machine that produces granular ice, and operates using environmentally friendly CO2, will be showcased.
If you wish to learn more about these innovations, we look forward to your visit to our stand at Host this coming month of October.
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