Month: August 2016

Ice Beauty II: ice against cellulite

Ice against cellulite. Ice Tech.

Icetherapy! Remember that name. This treatment is the new sensation against cellulite.

Summer is coming and we see every…

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Filmastic cocktails: Speechless, the King's Speech cocktail

The King’s Speech is one of our favourite movies. Today, we would like to recall the cocktail that bears its name, Speechless. Do you know how it came about? How is it prepared? We’ll explain it to yo…

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Three healthy smoothies to keep fit


The best way to deal with this hot weather is drinking a smoothie, a milkshake with Ice Tech ice that tries to be healthy. There are as many flavours as you wish. In Ice Tech we recommend three de…

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Discover Crotone, the youngest city in Italy


Crotone is the youngest city in one of the youngest countries in history. It appears in 1992, when the southwestern part of Catanzano decides to separate from it and…

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The Sfogliatelle, the best sweets in Naples


Only by thinking of the Sfogliatelle it makes us salivate. After having a good plate of pasta, accompanied by a cold drink with our Ice Tech ice, think about one of the best desserts you can …

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