Year: 2021

The importance of managing ice efficiently during opening hours

Gestire il ghiaccio in modo efficiente è essenziale

It is highly probable to run out of ice during opening hours, especially if you are the owner of a cocktail bar. In the event that something like this happens, you will have to improvise and do miracles in order to have some kind of efficiency behind…

Buyers Guide for Commercial Ice Machine

Guía para compradores de Máquinas de Hielo comerciales

If you have come this far, it is because ice is one of the basic products in your business and you serve it daily.

Any detail is important to achieve customer satisfaction, so choosing the correct ice machine is an absolute necess…

Ice in restaurant chains

Supplier of ice machines in organized catering

Today we will introduce you to everything related to restaurant chains and the importance of having good suppliers, who provide prestige and security to your brand and the franchises that depend on it.

At Ice Tech we al…

The use of Ice for Supermarkets

El Hielo para Supermercados

Currently, in the vast majority of supermarkets and hypermarkets that display fresh products to the customer, ice is essential to keep them cold and preserve them. This ice will usually always be used, regardless of the supermarket chain,…

Ice – essential for the delivery of beverages and soft drinks at home

Uso del ghiaccio per la consegna

Considering the time in which we are living, companies, and especially those in the hospitality industry, have had to reinvent themselves and adapt to the new lifestyles that customers have taken.

As a consequence, many restaurants and hos…