5 reasons to have a home ice machine

Surely, during the lockdown and the months after, you have spent more time at home and have thought about renovating or acquiring new appliances. One of the devices that has grown the most in demand in recent months has been domestic ice machines.

Ice machines are an investment in comfort and health. In today’s post we will tell you the main reasons to have a domestic ice machine.

Always have ice ready

There is nothing that bothers more than opening the freezer when you want to drink a very cold beverage and finding out that there is no ice left. Another situation where you realize the importance of always having ice ready is when you bump your foot and cannot reduce the inflammation.

Thanks to a domestic ice machine, you will always have ice at your disposal. Its use is very simple so any member of the family can make and take ice when they need it. Moreover, these machines have special compartments that allow you to store the ice at the optimal temperature so that it is ready whenever you need it.

If you have a domestic ice machine, you will simply have to turn it on and you can make the amount of ice you need. In addition, these machines have storage compartments where the ice will wait for you at the ideal temperature to be kept for as long as possible.

Quality and healthy ice

It is very common to store ice in open plastic bags together with other foods in the freezer such as fish, meat, or vegetables, but this practice is very dangerous since ice is capable of absorbing the aromas and even the flavour of these products and thus modifying the taste of your drinks.

In addition to being able to enjoy quality ice, buying a domestic ice machine also has an influence on your health and that of your family. The bags of ice that we buy in supermarkets, gas stations or 24-hour corner shops, go through a whole process of manufacturing, storage, transportation and distribution in which the final buyer does not know in what condition that bag of ice has been.

With an ice machine at home, you have full control over the hygiene and quality of the ice. That is why we ensure that acquiring a domestic ice machine is an investment in health as well as comfort.


Ice Tech - Máquina de hielo doméstica


Save space with the freezer

When you organize dinners with many guests such as a Christmas meal, a birthday or a dinner with friends, the space left in the freezer is highly valued. In a few square centimetres you might have to fit ice, desserts, bread, cakes, frozen products … It is impossible for everything to fit.

Domestic ice machines allow you to save space in the freezer since, as we have mentioned, they have their own compartment to store ice.


The use of ice in beauty and health

We have mentioned examples of the use of ice in beverages and food, but ice has many more domestic applications. In recent years, the use of ice in beauty treatments has become trendy since ice has many properties for the skin.

It is worth mentioning the application of ice to eliminate cellulite and to achieve a tighter and more toned skin. Also, the importance of ice in blows or injuries for inflammation and pain as we mentioned at the beginning of the post.


Beneficios de tener una Máquina de hielo en casa


Be the best home ice machine host

How many times have friends or family come to dinner and you have run out of ice at the worst moment? With an ice machine you will always have ice to cool your guests’ drinks.

In addition, thanks to the advances of the ITV R&D department, we have facilitated the use of our type of domestic ice machines so that any user can make perfect ice cubes at home.


As we have seen, having an ice machine at home has multiple advantages and can save us from different setbacks. If you are interested in buying a domestic ice machine, do not hesitate to contact us and one of the Ice Tech experts will answer all your questions.