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5 Benefits of Drinking Coffee with Ice Tech ice

Café con Hielo - Portada

We know that ice is one of the best allies for health. If we add this to a good coffee, we can create a unique and addictive blend. However, coffee lovers prefer to take it without ice, not knowing the amount of benef…

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May I have a Sambuca with ice, please?

Cocktail Sambuca con hielo

When talking about strong but sweet drinks, the Sambuca will leave you enchanted. It is obtained from star anise and it’s a success in the Roman streets of Lazio. Although its name comes from the Arabic word “zamut”, i…

5 curiosities about Italian food you surely didn’t know

5 curiosidades italianas

Pasta, pizza, calzone … There are thousands of Italian food recipes that travel around the world. However, there are many curiosities abou…

Five curiosities of the Venice Carnival

Carnevale di Venezia

We know that the Venice Carnival is not only t…

In the Italian town of Arezzo, "life is beautiful"


Who doesn’t remember the movie Life is Beautiful? Roberto Benigni shrugged our hearts with this sad as well as beautiful Italian film. From Ice Tech we want to transport you to some movie town…