Ice Tech Cocktails: Brandy Crusta cocktail

We love cocktails because we love what they involve: summer, friends and unique flavours. At Ice Tech we don’t get tired of these little pleasures. Therefore, we select the best recipes so you can share them too ;). Today we tell you everything about the ancestor of the famous Margarita, the Brandy Crusta cocktail.

Brandy Crusta cocktail.

Its origin goes back to 1852, when Joseph Santina, owner of the Joya del Sur bar in New Orleans, wanted to surprise its customers with a unique cocktail.

It was originally made with Cognac, although it was varied, being possible to find it with Brandy as well as with Bourbon or Rye Whiskey.

The Brandy Crusta is the predecessor cocktail of the Sidecar, as well as the famous and beloved Margarita, existing different variants of it.

From Ice tech, we would like to tell you about our favourite version, although they are all delicious.

The Brandy Crusta cocktail is characterized by being decorated with the edge of the glass frosty, a Maraschino cherry and half-orange peel.

Brandy Crusta cocktail con Ice Tech


  • Ice Tech Ice
  • 30 ml of Brandy
  • 15 ml of Marrasquino
  • 30 ml of orange juice
  • 1 blow of Angostura
  • 1 cherry

Its preparation? Very simple. As usual!

Firstly, it’s necessary to decorate the edge of the glass with sugar, letting it rest a couple of hours before it’s solid and crunchy. After this, it’s necessary to mix the ingredients in a shaker and shake it very well, with affection. Finally, pour the mixture into the glass and decorate it with a cherry and an orange peel.

The glass can contain either wine or cava, as well as in a glass of Old Fashioned, entirely covering it.

Easy, fast and, above all, unique and refreshing. Of course, remember that you should never skimp on ice ;).