Ice in restaurant chains

Today we will introduce you to everything related to restaurant chains and the importance of having good suppliers, who provide prestige and security to your brand and the franchises that depend on it.

At Ice Tech we already work with all kinds of hospitality businesses and organizations, being their main supplier of ice machines, so we know how it is important to choose good suppliers.

What is a restaurant chain?

A restaurant chain is a set of franchises under a general company name, which belong to the same sector: hospitality and catering.

This action is usually carried out when you want to encompass several franchises, each a specialist in a service, under a brand name, usually due to great growth.

Restaurant chains are very common worldwide, and increasingly, since fast food establishments have been included in this category

Ice supplier in organized catering


Independent restaurants still have a great weight in this sector, although the creation of new premises is made much easier through the new concept of restaurant chains.

For all these businesses, it is important to have suppliers that are capable of supplying large quantities of products to all franchises in record time.


Ice Tech as an ice supplier in restaurant chains

As we are accustomed to working with large companies and with large product demands, at Ice Tech we are more than ready for these types of challenges.

In fast food restaurants, the importance of the speed when making ice is enormous, since the customers of this kind of establishments want to be served quickly.

In addition, the amount of ice that the ice machine has to produce must supply a high demand, without interruptions in service.

Ice Tech’s FD / HD Range is ideal for restaurant chains, as it produces die and half-die ice cubes in large quantities, quickly, consistently and efficiently.

With this ice machine, the big sized drink cups that are usually served in this type of establishment are prepared with ice at high speed.

Ice in organized catering

In addition, at Ice Tech we also have ice dispensers, which can be used directly by the customer, quickly and efficiently.

Having ice dispensers and machines in your organization’s franchises means having high quality ice.

Depending on the product demand of your business, we will choose the most appropriate ice machine so that you can offer the best possible experience to your customers.


Excellence in ice supply

Ice Tech ice machines are machines capable of generating and storing large amounts of ice. Thanks to the composition and the filters that make up these machines, the quality of the ice produced and the resistance over time are enviable.

Get in touch with our advisors and they will advise you, solve all the doubts you may have and recommend the best ice machine for your business.

Count on Ice Tech for your organization’s ice machines.