The importance of managing ice efficiently during opening hours

It is highly probable to run out of ice during opening hours, especially if you are the owner of a cocktail bar. In the event that something like this happens, you will have to improvise and do miracles in order to have some kind of efficiency behind the bar.

Unlike other types of bars, in pubs and cocktail bars the bartender goes through a lot of ice throughout the night.

For this reason, us at Ice Tech we offer some tips on ice maintenance that will help you make a proper planning and easily prevent this situation, aka the nightmare of every bartender.

This list can be used when managing the bar, thus creating the perfect routine for ice and avoiding surprises.


Don’t be sloppy

You must learn to estimate the amount of ice needed for one night, based on A previous baseline.

It is not enough to count the number of drinks or the size of the bar. You must be able to estimate the maximum number of drinks that you can make and serve at a specific time and during a period of approximately 2 hours.

In addition, you must calculate the ice required for the total number of cocktails, both during preparation and service.

Knowing this information will support a smooth running for the following couple of hours. To avoid the rush, plan ahead and make sure the ice bins or silos are large enough to hold the indicated amount of ice needed for the night.


Managing ice efficiently


Use various tanks: dry ice and cold ice

Another important point to take into account is the size and quality of the ice tank. Ice storage is very important, as it is one of the points that will determine the durability of the ice cubes.

The main characteristics of this element are:

  • That the tank is well insulated, so that the ice is not affected by any change in temperatures.
  • That the tank has a good drainage. The care to not let the ice stay in water is relevant, because the sooner the ice comes into contact with the water, the sooner it will melt, which entails a more agitated work.


Good location of the ice machine

A good ice machine is crucial to service. Therefore, for the proper functioning of the business, finding an appropriate location for the machine is necessary.

It is important to note that this machine requires ventilation as this is critical to ice production and machine durability. If this is not possible and/or the ambient temperature gets very high, it is advisable to buy a water-cooled model instead of an air-cooled one.

 There are smaller models and larger ones. The former can be stowed behind or under the bar, while the larger ones are stored in the rear bar, where it is easily accessible, yet away from the frequent walking routes around the bar.


Suitable temperatures

Knowing the ambient temperature of the space is important to estimate how it will affect the flow of ice. For this reason, taking this factor into account is relevant for the proper functioning of the ice machine for the bar service, in addition to keeping up with the production process of ice itself.

It does not matter if you opt for a temperature control system typical of the ice machine or if you place thermostats around it, but it is recommended to keep an eye on the room temperature.


Ice management is essential


Ice handling

Although you should already know that ice should not be touched with your hands, it can still happen in many cases however accidentally.

This action is unsanitary and, in addition, it makes ice melt faster.



In this small guide you will find what you should take into account about the ice hygiene routine and how to manage it correctly.

In case you have questions, you can always contact our Ice Tech team.