The importance of good maintenance and service of an ice machine

Ice is a very important element in the hospitality sector. Offering security is a very valuable intangible asset that not all businesses have. With good quality ice, a good service is offered, taking care of the details and making a difference. Many businesses overlook the maintenance and care of ice machines, and this is a mistake, since, in addition to being necessary for their proper operation, it prevents contaminated ice from being created, and risking having a problem caused by complications health care by a client.

Why is important a good maintenance of an ice machine?

Appearance of lime and slime, bacterial diseases or food poisoning are some of the consequences of poor maintenance. Ice machines installed in kitchens need more attention since they are more vulnerable when bacteria appear. With the arrival of the summer months and the rise in temperatures, the ice machine must be adjusted so that it is at an optimal temperature and the ice does not decompose, otherwise it will have to resort to expensive repairs. In addition, another major problem is that some caterers do not know how to properly and thoroughly clean the ice machines.   Máquinas de hielo Ice Tech  

A well-maintained ice machine equals better ice quality and more sales

Ice is indispensable for the cocktail and liquor industry. It is essential to have an ice machine in good condition, since this implies that the quality of the ice is optimal with a hard and clear appearance, which is synonymous with a lower amount of oxygen. This will allow you to offer colder drinks for longer, the customer will finish their drink without the ice having melted and will be very likely to order another drink. On the other hand, if the ice melts quickly, the drink will stretch longer and taste different when diluted with the ice water.

How much volume should my ice machine make?

The amount of ice that your machine can offer should be well regulated in relation to the amount of ice that it will use, in this way you will not be short of ice when serving drinks. If the production volume has dropped, it means that your ice machine needs an overhaul and probably a repair so that it does not lead to a complete repair in the long run.

Guidelines to follow for the proper maintenance of the ice machine

Here are some tips to maintain your ice machine, offer good service and insurance, and avoid costly or irreversible repairs: -For cleaning it, it is very important to use appropriate chemicals recommended by the manufacturer so as not to damage the machine and extend its useful life. -It is recommended between 2 and 4 cleanings per year. -A change of parts on a regular basis, the filter should be changed every 6 months. -It is important to find a good spare parts supplier so that maintenance is quick and easy.