Perugia: the most Medieval city in Italy

Perugia’s historical district, its universities, its medieval streets and its charm will steal your heart. Can you imagine taking a cocktail with Ice Tech ice in one of its historic streets? It would be like being in a movie! Discover its charms.

For the more adventurous ones: Perugia, the ancient one.

It is the most known and touristic part of the city, which is surrounded by two walls: an outside one of medieval origin and an internal one from the Etruscans time. Besides this, there are a variety of monuments in the oldest part of the city.

In fact, the historical district, is an authentic village of the Fourteenth Century, the most beautiful and recognized one of the country.

Within the city, it is of great interest:

  • The Gothic Basilica of San Domenico, inside of its statues and estimable works of local artists are preserved, highlighting, among others, the wooden choir. The architectural complex of San Domenico, the cloisters and the convent are part of the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria.

Perugia Ice Tech

  • The Piazza Matteotti, where two of the most famous palaces in the city are located: the Old University Palace, from the Fifteenth Century and the Palace of the Capitano del Popolo.

Perugia Ice Tech

  • The Piazza IV Novembre: the cultural and social centre of the city. Within it we will enjoy the Palazzo del Priori (a civil power symbol); the Cathedral, (a religious power symbol); and the Maggiore fountain, bathed by the waters of the Monte Pacciano aqueduct.

Perugia Ice Tech

For the sweet tooth ones: The Eurochocolate.

This is an annual chocolate festival in the city. Celebrated since 1992, it is one of the largest European festivals, attracting about a million tourists and Italians.

The festival can be found in the main squares of the city, the most famous one the Piazza IV Novembre. Sweeten your stay in Perugia!


Perugia Ice Tech

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