Ten home remedies with ice

Hello! We have said many times that ice is one of our best allies when we have some kind of discomfort. Today we are going to teach you  10 ice home remedies that will make you feel great. Fever, cold sores, bites, sore neck… All you need is… ICE… ICE TECH!

Ten home remedies with Ice Tech ice

  1. Home remedies for treating fever with Ice Tech ice: fill a bag of water with Ice Tech ice cubes and put it on your forehead, your wrists and your calves. You will surely lower the body temperature!
  2. Home remedies for treating cold sores with Ice Tech ice: the body is very smart and it makes you notice the moment herpes on the lip is coming out, at that time, you should directly apply one of our ice cubes in it. Inflammation will considerably be reduced.
  3. Ice Tech ice home remedies for hives: how annoying is to have hives! Huh? Our infallible remedy is to rub an Ice Tech ice cube over the itchy area. It will help reducing it, as cold avoids blood vessels to open and swell, and they also don’t permit to release too much histamine.
  4. Ice Tech home remedies if you bleed from the nose: you have to quickly put ice in a cloth or napkin and then put it in the nose in order to control bleeding. Nonetheless, see your doctor in case this usually happens to you.
  5. IceTech home remedies to avoid bruising: apply a bag of Ice Tech ice cubes over the area that just received a blow and continue doing so for 24 hours. This remedy compresses blood vessels, which results in a lower influx of spilled blood to the tissues. This way, you may avoid bruising. Inflammation is reduced, the area numbs and pain decreases.
  6. Ice Tech ice home remedies for bee stings: few things are more painful than the time when a bee stings you. Put a bag of our ice cubes on the bee sting in order to slow swelling and itching, as well as to prevent the sting spreading.
  7. Home remedies for neck pain or torticollis with Ice Tech ice: wrap ice in a towel when you begin to feel stiffness in the neck. Leave it a few minutes and pain will improve.
  8. Ice Tech ice home remedies for muscle aches: place an Ice Tech ice cubes bag on the muscle pain area. Ice is a powerful anti-inflammatory and it helps to relieve pain.
  9. Ice Tech ice home remedies for toothaches: put our ice cubes bag on the painful part for 15 minutes several times a day until you visit the dentist.
  10. Home remedies for treating foot pain with Ice Tech ice: wrap a few ice cubes in a wet washcloth and rub it on your feet and ankles for a few minutes. Then dry your feet and sprinkle vinegar. This remedy relieves any inflammation and also serves as a mild anesthetic.


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