Month: September 2016


If there is something beautiful and worth admiring in Autumn are the warm landscapes of southern Italy. Sicily, the country’s largest island, is considered to be one of the most precious jewels of Italy. Its volcanoes…

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Live a fairy-tale in the ice castles in Utah

Both the youngest and the oldest ones of the family were impressed with the film phenomenon Frozen, right? It is no longer only a Disney issue, but there are also a variety of ice castles in the Unite…

Grappa, the world's most valuable liquor

Italy and wine are good friends, but there is not a richer and a more typical liquor in the Italian tables as Grappa, a liquor made from distilled remains of squeezed grapes (vinacce). It is …

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The Zuccotto, a frozen finger-licking dessert


If there is anything that Italians love, apart from a good cocktail with Ice Tech ice, it is to accompany it with a rich Italian dessert 😉

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Meet Sottoguda, the ice range

Fa un freddo de la Madonna!” This is what you’ll say when you step on the land of Sottoguda. The Italian ice or the icy Italy… Anyway, Ice Tech is passionate on both, especially if they come together :)

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