Month: September 2016

The gripping story of ice cubes

cubetti di ghiaccio

Freezers, ice machines, ice-creams, Ice Tech ice cubes… Everything is so familiar that it seems to have existed a lifetime. However, this is not the case. Alth…

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Tartufo ice-cream, the "Ice City" dessert

Gelato al Tartufo

We love desserts, cocktails made with Ice Tech ice, ice-creams… But what we like the most is Italy, we are in love with our country! In the city of Calabria, in southern Italy, right in t…

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6 top ice dive sites

6 luoghi incredibili per fare sub sotto il ghiaccio

This article is only suitable for brave adventurers. Go ahead! Diving is quite complicated, we have to be taught about it and we need to know several things before we start. Imagine how it should feel to di…

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