5 Benefits of Drinking Coffee with Ice Tech ice

5 Benefits of Drinking Coffee with Ice Tech ice

We know that ice is one of the best allies for health. If we add this to a good coffee, we can create a unique and addictive blend. However, coffee lovers prefer to take it without ice, not knowing the amount of benefits we are missing out on. We will explain them to you from Ice Tech.

1- More flavour.

A simple latte is not enough. We are becoming more and more demanding with coffee, now willing to take it with unique and different flavours. Hot coffee eliminates some of the most unique flavours of this drink. Coffee with Ice Tech ice offers a renewed and more pleasant taste to all senses.

2- Healthier.

It allows us to maintain the enamel of our teeth and to avoid the inconveniences of hot coffee.

3- Hydration and more hydration.

The University of Birmingham states that drinking cold coffee in small proportions provides moisturizing qualities very similar to the water ones.

caffè con ghiaccio Ice Tech

 4- Do not stop exercising.

Drinking hot coffee before we start exercising does not sound very good, does it? However, if we drink a nice cold coffee, which still gives you the caffeine buzz, it’s a whole different story. Coffee releases fatty acids from our adipose tissue, allowing us to improve our performance during sporting activities, doesn’t it sound fantastic?

 5- Live and be happy.

It is no coincidence that the tendency to drink coffee with Ice Tech ice or ice cream is becoming more common. According to Harvard University, coffee lovers are happier. And if we add the ice, the thing is even better. The cold temperature of the coffee is associated with pleasure and relaxing moments.

Switch to Ice Tech ice coffee, your best ally.