5 curiosities about Italian food you surely didn’t know

Pasta, pizza, calzone … There are thousands of Italian food recipes that travel around the world. However, there are many curiosities about these dishes that we don’t know. In Ice Tech, we are going to tell you 5 curiosities about the great Italian food that will leave you with speechless ;).

  1. Pizza, the main course.

It is one of the most characteristic symbols in Italy. In the beginning, it was the food of poor people. It was not until 1889 when Queen Margherita tasted such delight, and ordered the creation of more types of it.

The longest pizza in the world, as it could not be otherwise, is found in Italy, and measures 405 meters long and33 centimetres wide. It is part of the Guinness World Records!

And not only the longest, but also the most expensive one. It costs 8,300 Euros and it was created by the Chef Renato Viola. You can find it by the name of Luigi XII and its ingredients are more than curious: certified organic flour, Australian rose salt, lobster, 3 types of caviar, fish eggs and cognac.

As if this were not enough, the pizza is not always baked. In Naples they prefer it fried.

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  1. Lunch is sacred.

Lunch time is a tradition. Between 12 and 14 o’clock in the morning you will find nothing but the sound of cutlery on the plates.

In addition, it has several stages: first with antipasti (cheeses, olives…); Afterwards, il primo piato with a good pasta dish; The secondo piato of different types of meat and, finally, a good dessert that they almost always accompany with a good drink with Ice Tech ice 😉 .

  1. Coffee with milk, just for breakfast.

Coffee with milk, coffee with ice, cappuccino… It doesn’t matter, but in the morning. Traditionally, in Italy only coffee is taken first thing in the morning. Of course, always accompanied by a good croissant or cookies.

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  1. The origin of the tagliatelle.

It was created in honour to the hair of Lucrecia Borgia (1480-1519), duchess of the city of Ferrara. You will not look at it with the same eyes!

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  1. Bread, water and wine, the indispensable of every Italian table.

You can not miss any on the table. And not only that, the bread can not be upside down as it could bring bad luck.

So much talking about Italian food, we have made our mouth water. Shall we accompany you with a good Ice Tech cocktail? 😉