5 sports to practice this Christmas

When talking about sports on ice or snow, the first thing that comes to our minds are skiing or ice skating. However, there are lots of ice sports that are not as famous as the other ones but which have their followers. From Ice Tech we would like to highlight some that will bite your curiosity 😉 .


Curling is a sport similar to bowling or boules, which is practiced on an ice rink. It is a competition between two teams formed by 4 players each. The goal of the game is to slide stones on an ice rink to a marked area, called “home”. Teams get a point for each stone inside the house, or closer to its centre, the “button”. The team that has most points wins. The stones are accompanied at all times by brushes that facilitate their advancement or vary their direction.

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Yes, yes, you have not read it wrong. It is the helicopter ascension to high hills and descending in the middle of the virgin snow. This is not a game, because practicing it requires certain knowledge.


Surely, if we say the word Husky, the first thing that comes to mind are the sleds. Mushing is a sport or means of transport pulled by dogs, usually Huskis. It is one of the most complete sports that exists. Practicing it enriches the person who practices it in the knowledge of the animal, in terms of loyalty, fidelity and companionship, bringing man to pure nature.

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4. LUGE.

It is a type of descent on sled, precipitating through an icy track in more than 120 km/h. Luge’s competitions are a race against time. Each competition, individually or in teams, performs two to four timed descents.


It is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that the athlete is placed looking down and head to the track.

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Don’t you feel like trying them all? Learn more about the exciting ice world with Ice Tech.

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