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Pink Panther Cocktail: an explosion of feelings in your mouth

Cóctel Pantera Rosa Sin Alcohol

It is said that vodka cocktail’s are women’s favourites because they are soft drinks that can be drank at any occasion. I…

May I have a Sambuca with ice, please?

Cocktail Sambuca con hielo

When talking about strong but sweet drinks, the Sambuca will leave you enchanted. It is obtained from star anise and it’s a success in the Roman streets of Lazio. Although its name comes from the Arabic word “zamut”, i…

4 beer cocktails that will steal your heart

Cocktail con birra

Beer is one of the most demanded products in the world, specially in summer. It is nutritious, healthy and very refreshing. Shall we make a cocktail with such a desired product? Said and done. From Ice Tech we have se…

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Grasshopper Cocktail, a very refreshing insect

Grasshopper coctel por Ice Tech

In the middle of August, we continue talking about exotic cocktails. From Ice Tech we bring another cocktail that, although its colour and name make it unappetizing, has a flavour that makes…

Winter cocktails: the best way to fight the cold

cócteles de invierno

Who said that cocktails can only be taken in summer?

The cocktails are usually typical of the summer season, although due to the large consumption of these, more and more professionals devise new ones to serve them also in winter. There are