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5 Benefits of Drinking Coffee with Ice Tech ice

Café con Hielo - Portada

We know that ice is one of the best allies for health. If we add this to a good coffee, we can create a unique and addictive blend. However, coffee lovers prefer to take it without ice, not knowing the amount of benef…

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How to make a perfect Tiramisu

Cómo hacer un Tiramisú

Keeping up with desserts! If there is a worldwide known dessert is the Italian tiramisu. Italy is genuine when creating desserts, snacks and beverages. In Ice Tech we would like you know them all and …

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The Panna cotta, the Italian dessert that we like the most

Panna Cotta

Panna cotta means cooked cream, so you can already get an idea of ​​the main ingredient of this dessert. Maybe the Italian dessert by reference is the tiramisu, but we want to…

Whiskey Cobbler Cocktail, the most refreshing drink for this summer

Whisky Cobbler Cocktail

We go from the exotic cocktails, to the refreshing ones. The Cobbler Family is characterized by having cocktails where fruit is the protagonist. Is there anything more refreshing than a piece of freshly cut fru…

Monteriggioni, the stone village of Siena

The beauty of Siena goes beyond its own streets and monuments. The towns with which it counts are pure charm and dream. Today at Ice Tech we tell you about Monteriggione, the stone village that will steal your heart.<...