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Tips to enjoy a healthy winter

inverno in salute

When winter approaches, colds, respiratory problems, general discomforts and bad moods are increasing in the vast majority of the population. The temperature drops considerably, it rains more than usual, it even snows in certain parts of the count…

Between the Sheets cocktail, an ideal cocktail to share

If you are a strong emotions and sensuality lover, this cocktail will enchant you. From Ice Tech we would like to tell you everything about the ice world and, if they are cocktails, even better. Would you like to know…

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Ice Beauty II: ice against cellulite

Ice against cellulite. Ice Tech.

Icetherapy! Remember that name. This treatment is the new sensation against cellulite.

Summer is coming and we see every…

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ICE TECH CD, the most versatile ice

ICE TECH CD, il ghiaccio più versatile

Ice Tech Diamond Ice is the most versatile one and has many everyday applications…

It is used in supermarkets and r…

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Get pretty with Ice Tech

Ice Tech belleza / pretty

Did you sleep badly? Do you feel your skin tired? Do you see small wrinkles on your face you did not have before…? Surely you know the answer: ICE! and, of course, if it is Ice Tech ice much better.

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