Ice maker: why you need it for your business

Ice maker: why you need it for your business

Today’s businesses are increasingly equipped, so they can offer a better service to their customers. If your business needs large amounts of ice because, for example, drinks are one of the main sources of income, you need to have an ice maker.

To keep an eye day after day and check if there is enough ice to make it through the whole working day and not finish it half-way, is a concern that you should not have; to have always fresh and perfect ice at your disposal should be your priority.

Trust a leading brand in ice machines

Since 2000, Ice Tech is one of the leading companies in the manufacture and distribution of ice makers, ensuring in addition the satisfaction of all our customers through the new technology of our machines.

The highest priority of Ice Tech is to produce innovative and reliable products for customers which, especially in the hospitality industry, rely on our products and services every day.

The factory where the magic happens, is in the province of Valencia, although our products are distributed in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

Whatever ice maker you need, we have it: solid ice cube, hollow cube, granular iron and flake …

Ice makers from Ice Tech

Gamma ICE TECH SK. These cubes are categorized as “gourmet cubes”, because they are large, compact and perfect for use in places where drinking is usual. Another one of the most important advantages of these ice cubes is their slowness in melting, which favors the user’s experience, avoiding drinks to be watered down.

Gamma ICE TECH PS. The cubes produced by this ice maker are finger-shaped, with holes in the center for efficient cooling. Thanks to its mechanism, this machine is one of the most reliable in the market, even with poor water quality supplied.

Gamma ICE TECH GR. If you want to get granular ice, with an optimal cooling efficiency, this is your machine. Ideal for preserving fresh foods in restaurants, in prepared meals businesses … even, more and more, in laboratories and in the health businesses. With the granulated ice, you will be able to regulate and control the temperature of the food without any problem.

Gamma ICE TECH FH/DH. The cubes generated by this ice machine are small, but with a cooling capacity much higher than the others. These ice cubes are generated quickly, so they are widely used in fast-foods, usually where the drink is served by the customer himself.

Gamma ICE TECH SC. If what you need for your business is flake ice, very cold and dry, this ice maker is for you. The generated flakes are very thin, they practically slide between each other, and cool for a long period. Usually, this ice is perfect to keep the food fresh for the end customer, as in markets, fishing industry, fishmongers and supermarkets.


For the most part, Ice Tech ice machines are compact and discreet, optimized for energy saving and efficient for ice production.

If you are thinking about acquiring an ice maker for your business, and you have doubts about which is the most optimal machine for you, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our technicians will attend your case, offering you a personalized answer and solving all the doubts you have.