Ice Cube vending machines

Have you ever thought about how many ice cubes do you use in your local along one year? 

If you can’t answer that question, due to the high number, it is probable that you need an ice making machine.  

It doesn’t seem like it, but the amount of money you spend in bags of ice cubes is high, depending on the kind of business. Moreover, this ice cubes tend not to be perfect, and their sizes can vary as their forms.  

In order to solve this kind of problems and save money, you can contact with Ice Tech, experts in manufacturing and distributing ice machines.  

Ice cube Vending machines for your business.  

If your business is linked with catering or is a night club, and its main financial income belongs to serving drinks, from Ice Tech we assure you that, with an ice machine in your business, you will bring high quality to it.  

When it comes the time of serving drinks, having ices cubes in good conditions is something essential. These have to have a determined dimension, depending on its use, and other important factors.  Actually, ice cubes must stay solid for a while, before being served, to create good experience. 

Ices cubes should be transparent, and shouldn’t acquire any kind of flavor that modifies the final taste of the consumer’s drink. These are aspects, that separately, can’t be relevant, but if you look at them together, the final experience of the user can be very negative.  

The ice machines that are manufactures in Ice Tech provide to both, the owner and the final user, a satisfactory experience when they are drinking their drink. Ices cubes that are provided by our machines have predetermined dimensions: millimeters ice cubes, fully transparent and without acquiring any weird flavor.  

Thanks to that, your business will make a big quality leap on the sale of drinks that require ice cubes.  

Why would you rely on Ice Tech? 

From the beginning of 2000, Ice Tech is a reference Company in the ice machine selling and manufacturing sector. All of our machines are certified with the quality standards needed, which are a guarantee seal when it comes to selling our products.  

We are also very proud of the fact that our products include energetic saving efficiency and water saving efficiency, in addition to the regular maintenance of the machine.  

Moreover, we count with an I+D department, which is dedicated to investigation of new trends and new manufacturing of products, in order to get even more energetic saving and water saving, always respecting the environment. In addition, thanks to new technologies that are emerging, we get that those products that leave our factory are even more efficient and with more functionalities. 

You just need a simple call or a mail to get information about which one is the ice making machine that your business needs. In Ice Tech we will inform you and solve every single of your doubts about our ice machines.  Following our advices, you will be able to offer a better service and a more high satisfaction for your customers.  

One of our experts will inform you about everything you need.