Having an ice machine at home is a luxury you can afford

There are more and more real possibilities of having an ice machine in private homes. This trend, which is becoming more and more widespread, has very important characteristics and benefits, which we will explain here today. The Ice Tech ice machines are now really for everyone.


A new appliance is arriving, and with great force, at homes around the world, and it is none other than the ice machine.


Having an ice machine at home is a trend

More and more companies, both construction companies and architecture and design studios, are adding an ice machine to their kitchen projects.

Thanks to this, customers can see first-hand the use, operation, and maintenance of an ice machine, having it in their kitchen and seeing the benefits they can have in their day-to-day life with it. Having perfect ice at any time of the day is an improvement in the quality of life of many people in the world.


Having an ice machine at home is a luxury you can afford


What benefits does an ice machine bring to the user at home?

A home ice machine is an investment in quality and convenience.

With COVID-19 and the confinement that we have all experienced, we have realized that investing money in comfort and extra features in our home is no longer negotiable. Appliances simplify our lives and make it more pleasant, just like domestic ice machines do.

These allow us to always have ice available, without having to go to the supermarket or closest store to buy something in the event of an unforeseen need for ice. In addition, the ice that we make in the fridge ends up absorbing the smell or taste of the food, while with a machine you guarantee crystal clear, quality ice, completely odorless and prepared in the best hygienic conditions.


The most common uses of ice at home

Ice is usually used in moments related to social life and moments of relaxation. It is the main companion for any type of cold drink, which we almost always offer to our guests. But, in addition, ice can be used for cooking and for other applications related to health and beauty, to tone the body or carry out beauty treatments. Also, it helps with recovering after practicing sport.


The features of an Ice Tech home ice machine

At Ice Tech we have designed a domestic ice machine that adapts to today’s kitchens; It is intuitive and very easy to use.

It has an on and off button, the time and language can be adjusted, and we can even program it to produce the quantity of ice we need on the day and the time we are going to need it.


In this way we make sure we have freshly made ice just when we need it.

Are you beginning to realize the benefits that an ice machine can have at home?

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