Nocino, the Italian liquor made of green nuts


If you want to try something new, strong and with a surprising flavour, Nocino Will become your favourite liquor. Made from green nuts, we recommend that you take it as a digestive drink, since its alcohol level is very high. From Ice Tech we have changed the recipe a bit and added some ice. Try it!


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The coldest and most beautiful places in Italy in winter


Italy is definitely a charming country. It doesn’t matter if you visit us in spring, summer, autumn or in the coldest days of winter. Its snow-covered landscapes are one of the most beautiful pictures in winter. From Ice Tech we recommend 4 Italian places for you to visit during this season.


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Winter sun, the best cocktail for cold days

Sole d'inverno

Winter has strongly come and 2018 has started very cold. If you listened to us and prepared the Sidecar cocktail in order to finish the year in the most elegant way, now we recommend the Winter Sun cocktail to warm the coldest nights.


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Meet the Hotel Iglú (Igloo Hotel) in Andorra with Ice Tech

An ice hotel? Why not an igloo hotel? It is fascinating to get to know how many things can be done with ice. There is no ice building that escapes from Ice Tech. We’ll tell you everything about the Hotel Iglú in Andorra. Start packing your suitcases 😉


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Filmtastic Cocktails!

Cocktail da film

Who does not remember Tom Cruise preparing daiquiris in the film Cocktail? Or the famous James Bond’s Vesper: vodka martini shaken not stirred? Or the recurring Cosmopolitan in Sex and the City?


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