Ice Tech industrial ice maker

Macchina del ghiaccio industriale

The most common thing is that, having a business dedicated to the hospitality sector, there is an high consumption of ice cubes. This is a product that is rarely cared for, and it is very easy to provide an high quality service by offering excellent ice cubes in customers’ drinks.

Ice Tech: Ice factory in Valencia for the whole world

Fabbrica di ghiaccio a Valencia

Ice Tech is considered one of the largest ice factories in Europe, in addition to manufacturing ice machines and supplying those to businesses around the world.


5 Italian cocktails that will leave a delicious taste in your mouth

5 cócteles italianos

Almost in any country in the world we can find typical drinks that make us become a part of them and feel like a compatriot. At Ice Tech we love that you feel Italian, so today we want you to know 5 Italian cocktails that will leave a delicious taste in your mouth.


Come mantenere le macchine Ice Tech SS?

macchina ghiaccio Ice Tech

Avete provato a pulire una macchina del ghiaccio? Sapete come mantenerla? La serie ICE TECH SS è stata progettata per il settore alberghiero: bar, ristoranti, pub… incorporando le caratteristiche più all’avanguardia.

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4 beer cocktails that will steal your heart

Cocktail con birra

Beer is one of the most demanded products in the world, specially in summer. It is nutritious, healthy and very refreshing. Shall we make a cocktail with such a desired product? Said and done. From Ice Tech we have selected the 4 best cocktails with beer that you should try at least once in a lifetime.


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