Ice Tech Ice Machines

Macchine del ghiaccio Ice Tech

Due to the current needs of big ice consumers, and the high demand for this product and, therefore, of ice machines, at Ice Tech we have decided to create an item that encompasses all the possible features about this product so demanded today.


How to take a Spritz? With Aperol or Campari?

Spritz Campari

As good Italians, we hear the word spritz and our moths are already watering. Our brains are already thinking it’s the cocktail hour or after work time.


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Pink Panther Cocktail: an explosion of feelings in your mouth

Cóctel Pantera Rosa Sin Alcohol

It is said that vodka cocktail’s are women’s favourites because they are soft drinks that can be drank at any occasion. If we add the pink colour, it would seem that we are talking about a drink especially dedicated for them. Ice Tech encourages you to try today’s cocktail: Pink Panther. You’ll fall in love with its soft and sweet taste.


May I have a Sambuca with ice, please?

Cocktail Sambuca con hielo

When talking about strong but sweet drinks, the Sambuca will leave you enchanted. It is obtained from star anise and it’s a success in the Roman streets of Lazio. Although its name comes from the Arabic word “zamut”, it is an original drink of Rome for more than 130 years ago. Such is the tradition of this drink, which is usually decorated with 7 coffee beans, that it represents the 7 hills of Rome. Always accompanied with Ice Tech Ice, here are some ways to take Sambuca:


5 curiosities about Italian food you surely didn’t know

5 curiosidades italianas

Pasta, pizza, calzone … There are thousands of Italian food recipes that travel around the world. However, there are many curiosities about these dishes that we don’t know. In Ice Tech, we are going to tell you 5 curiosities about the great Italian food that will leave you with speechless ;).