How to take a Spritz? With Aperol or Campari?

Spritz Campari

As good Italians, we hear the word spritz and our moths are already watering. Our brains are already thinking it’s the cocktail hour or after work time.


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5 Italian cocktails that will leave a delicious taste in your mouth

5 Cocktail Italiani

Almost in any country in the world we can find typical drinks that make us become a part of them and feel like a compatriot. At Ice Tech we love that you feel Italian, so today we want you to know 5 Italian cocktails that will leave a delicious taste in your mouth.


Ice Tech industrial ice maker

Macchina del ghiaccio industriale

The most common thing is that, having a business dedicated to the hospitality sector, there is an high consumption of ice cubes. This is a product that is rarely cared for, and it is very easy to provide an high quality service by offering excellent ice cubes in customers’ drinks.

Ice Cube vending machines

Distributori automatici di cubetti ghiaccio

Have you ever thought about how many ice cubes do you use in your local along one year? 

5 Benefits of Drinking Coffee with Ice Tech ice

Café con Hielo - Portada

We know that ice is one of the best allies for health. And if we add this to a good coffee, the combination becomes unique and addictive. However, coffee lovers prefer to take it without ice, not knowing the amount of benefits we are not acquiring. We will explain them to you from Ice Tech.


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