Five curiosities of the Venice Carnival

Carnevale di Venezia

We know that the Venice Carnival is not only the most popular party in Italy, but also one of the most important in the world. That’s why from Ice Tech we tell you some curiosities so that you can know better one of the most unique events that you can attend. You should not miss them!


The four best restaurants to eat risotto in Italy

Ristoranti per mangiare risotto

Have you ever tried the Risotto? It is one of the most traditional and famous dishes of the Italian cuisine. Its name comes from “riso”, which means rice in Italian, being its main ingredient. If you like this type of food, at Ice Tech we have selected for you four of the best restaurants  to eat risotto in Italy.


Four typical carnival cocktails

Carnival party is nowadays a worldwide celebration and we love it. It is pure spectacle. We should celebrate it, right? In Ice Tech we will show you the 4 most typical carnival cocktails that you can prepare yourself and turn your home into a party.


The 3 most romantic cities in Italy to visit in Valentine's Day

Italy is one of the countries with most history and charm in the world. If you are thinking of making a romantic getaway with your partner, start packing because when you visit the 3 most romantic cities in Italy you will not want to come back home.


Valentine's Day: a raspberry cocktail with a chocolate kiss

San Valentino

February 14th is coming, a very important day for all loving couples! Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers or the day of love, is undoubtedly one of the most significant calendar dates, and of course a worthy one to celebrate. So, if you want to surprise your partner and your plan is a romantic one, do not forget a good Ice Tech cocktail to liven up the evening.