The industrial ice machine for your business

macchina del ghiaccio industriale

For any business related to the hotel industry, nowadays, you need an industrial ice machine to be able to offer an excellent service to all your customers.

Tips to enjoy a healthy winter

inverno in salute

When winter approaches, colds, respiratory problems, general discomforts and bad moods are increasing in the vast majority of the population. The temperature drops considerably, it rains more than usual, it even snows in certain parts of the country and the days are dark and short. (more…)

Can you find pure water in nature?

acqua pura

The existence of pure water in nature, thanks to new technologies, has been found to be impossible to find it without passing through a laboratory.


The ice maker you need for your business

fabricadora de hielo

If you have a business in which the consumption of ice is an important part of it, and you’re tired of checking if you have ice or not, it’s time to consider buying an ice maker.

When choosing a company that supplies a reliable ice maker, you should always look for quality, a benchmark for companies in the industrial sector.

At Ice Tech, we have been leading the market for many years in the supply of ice makers to all types of customers, from different sectors..

Ice makers from Ice Tech

Whatever business you have, we have the ice machine that adapts to your needs. It is very important to choose the ice maker that generates the cubes you need. Here you can check all the machines that we have available in Ice Tech, but below you can see some of the most sold:

Gamma Ice Tech SS. This machine has been created specifically for the hospitality industry, which needs ice every day of the year to give a good service to its customers. With the ice maker, you will not have to worry about whether you have ice or not, because you can always have it just by going to that machine. Each one of those that make up this gamma generates a cube of different sizes, adapted to the needs of each one.

Gamma Ice Tech PS. Hollow ice cubes, ideal for more efficient cooling of beverages. These remain cold and without getting rid of a longer time, so they get the drinks to be quickly watered down.

Gamma Ice Tech CD. The manufacture of granular ice is excellent for sectors that need to keep the cold of their products for a long time. Usually, this type of ice is used in the supermarket displays where the product is visible to the consumer, although it can also be used to prepare different cocktails.

Gamma Ice Tech SC. The ice generated by these machines is different from the rest. It produces perfect flakes of ice, which slide between them and keep the cold in an amazing way. This type of ice is common in the fishing industry, distribution of meat and vegetables, supermarkets …

All Ice Tech ice makers are compact, with easy maintenance and amazing ease of use for the user.

Quality in our service

There is no better cover letter for a company than the years it has been active. Nearly 20 years supplying ice makers to our clients, achieving a relationship with them as close as possible.

With this, we try to meet the needs of all of them, finding out what their needs are and adapting these machines to them, with the help of current market technology.


Have you noticed the great amount of time and money you lose buying ice bags every day of the year?

Would not it be more comfortable to have a compact machine on your premises that would do that process for you?

Do you want to save money in addition to time and comfort?

After several years of dealing with clients, both we and them have come to a very simple conclusion: saving time and money is easy having an ice maker do the work for you.

If you have doubts about the machine that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact the Ice Tech team. One of our agents will be in charge of helping you choose the perfect ice machine for your business.

Winter cocktails: the best way to fight the cold

cócteles de invierno

Who said that cocktails can only be taken in summer?

The cocktails are usually typical of the summer season, although due to the large consumption of these, more and more professionals devise new ones to serve them also in winter. There are machines that generate specialized ice for these cocktails, which facilitates the task of creating these.