Ice – essential for the delivery of beverages and soft drinks at home

Uso del ghiaccio per la consegna

Considering the time in which we are living, companies, and especially those in the hospitality industry, have had to reinvent themselves and adapt to the new lifestyles that customers have taken.

As a consequence, many restaurants and hospitality establishments have had to promote their delivery service.


People On Ice: a shared commitment

At ICETECH we take care of our team and promote a management model that allows a balance between work and personal life, based on flexibility, respect and mutual commitment. (more…)

Prepare the ice machines for this summer

Preparare le Macchine per il Ghiaccio per quest'estate

Taking advantage of the reduction of the measures taken due to COVID-19, the hotel and catering industry returns to their usual work.

After this update of the measures, people in many countries are throwing themselves into the bars, restaurants and their corresponding terraces, and for this reason a pretty good summer is expected for the hospitality industry.


Why buying an ice machine is profitable

Calculadora de hielo Ice Tech

Many establishments dedicated to the hospitality sector buy ice bags for the convenience that this entails and for the apparent savings it generates.

However, having an ice machine in your premises is a better guarantee: you save time and money.


Benefits of managing ice in the machines

Beneficios de la gestión del hielo en las máquinas de hielo

The practice of regularly moving the ice stored in the storage compartment of the machine, even if it may not seem like it, brings many benefits to both the product and the machine itself.