Ice Maker for Hospitality Industry

Bar equipado con una máquina de hielo

One of the most important things to consider when your business is in the hotel industry, is to have a good supply of ice. It may seem trivial, but it is not at all. Whether to preserve food, drinks or cocktails, ice is a must in the restaurant business. (more…)

The Use and Maintenance of Filters in Ice Machines

Ice Tech - Filtration systems and filters

Filters for Ice Tech ice machines are an important addition that will improve the performance of ice machines and further extend the life of the machines.

5 Key ideas to make a good Gin Tonic

5 segreti per fare un bon Gin Tonic

Who has not tried a Gin Tonic at least once in a lifetime? It is one of the drinks that reminds us most of summertime. The ingredients and the preparation must be very careful. That’s why, from Ice Tech we have 5 keys to make it a success.


5 reasons to have a home ice machine

Máquina de Hielo Doméstica

Surely, during the lockdown and the months after, you have spent more time at home and have thought about renovating or acquiring new appliances. One of the devices that has grown the most in demand in recent months has been domestic ice machines.

Ice machines are an investment in comfort and health. In today’s post we will tell you the main reasons to have a domestic ice machine.


The importance of ice in the transport of vaccines

hielo importancia transporte vacunas

Lately we are hearing very good news about the COVID-19 vaccine, it seems that it is already in the final stage, and one of the topics that is being discussed the most in the news is the delicate transport of the dosage and its storage. In today’s post, we are going to tell you what is the role that ice plays in this whole process. (more…)