The importance of good maintenance and service of an ice machine

Mantenimiento máquinas de hielo Ice Tech

Ice is a very important element in the hospitality sector. Offering security is a very valuable intangible asset that not all businesses have. With good quality ice, a good service is offered, taking care of the details and making a difference. (more…)

La catena del freddo nei vaccini e nelle medicine

Importancia del hielo en medicina y vacunas

La catena del freddo fornisce un’erogazione di temperatura controllata in prodotti di diversa origine e utilizzo.

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The cold chain in food preservation

La catena del freddo

Everyone of us in our daily lives is more than used to using the cold produced by both the fridge and the freezer to preserve all kinds of food, since the cold ensures that these foods (in its vast majority) are properly preserved. (more…)

Cleaning for ice machines: its importance and essential tips

Within the commercial and hospitality sector, having an ice machine that is always operational is essential. Imagine having a bar where we serve Premium cocktails, which depend on high-quality ice cubes, and that one day, without prior notice, the device breaks down due to lack of maintenance. (more…)

Guía de prevención y buenas prácticas en el trabajo

Guía de prevención y buenas prácticas en el trabajo

En el siguiente vídeo encontrar una guía de prevención y buenas prácticas en el trabajo ante la situación que estamos viviendo actualmente.


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