Rusty Nail cocktail, the best friend to dream about angels

We get back to our cocktails. Have you heard about the Rusty Nail? Don’t worry, it can’t hurt you ;). At Ice Tech we tell you exactly what it is, although we will anticipate that it will be your best ally if you can’t sleep.

Rusty Nail cocktail.

You can find it under this name or as Oxide Nail, being a cocktail that stands out for its sweet and aromatic flavour. Its origin is American, specifically from New York, although it has been often said to have a Scottish origin. The Rusty Nail, born during World War II, it is one of the best known American cocktails nowadays.

Although its origin is still uncertain, several legends surround it. One of them tells us that the Rusty Nail cocktail (rusty nail) owes its name to the Canadian workers who stirred the cocktail with a rusty nail. Another is because of its colour, which resembles rust colour.

From Ice Tech we would like you to know how to make it 100% like a professional ;). For us it has been a complete discovery.

Rusty Nail cocktail con Ice Tech


  • 45 ml of Scotch Whiskey (if you want a pure, pure taste;)).
  • 45 ml of Drambuie, a drink that mixes whiskey, honey, herbs and spices.
  • Extra Ice Tech SS / SK ice.
  • 1 Slice of lemon (Remember to remove the white part ;)).

In order to prepare it, we need a low or Old-Fashioned glass. Fill it with extra ice, pour Scotch whiskey and Drambuie and mix it well. Finally, use a lemon slice in order to decorate it.

Ready! Pretty easy, right?

If you prefer 100% pure cocktail, pour the whiskey and the Drambuie in equal parts and if you prefer it to taste less sweet, pour 9 parts of whiskey and 5 parts of Drambuie.

Will you dare to try this pure taste without juices or soft drinks? With this cocktail you will go to sleep like the angels, we know that for sure!

Try to prepare it this summer, make your own Ice Tech cocktail recipes and surprise your guests.

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