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Since its inception in 2000, ICE TECH is one of the main players in the ice maker business.

The ICE TECH team is fully dedicated to provide products that satisfy our customers needs, and guarantee an added value by means of cost reduction and increased productivity.

In our facilities in Spain, with a manufacturing area of 35.000 m2, the company designs, produces, and distributes a complete range of ice makers, with more than 100 models, with capacities ranging from 21 kg/day to 10.000 kg/day.


One of ICE TECH's priorities is the innovation and reliability of its products, whether they are foodservice oriented, or industrial products.

ICE TECH is able to provide every type of ice for every need: solid cube, hollow cube, crushed ice, scale ice, and now developing the new ideal ice for cocktails, harder and drier.

Our ice makers are distributed around the world, in more than 20 countries, and with over 500.000 installed machines manufactured by the group.

ICE TECH is part of ITV Ice Makers Company.

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