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Ice Tech technologies for maximum hygiene and efficiency

Tecnologie Ice Tech per la massima igiene ed efficienza

One of the most important and valued desires of entrepreneurs is to keep their business as hygienic as possible and carry out all processes or tasks in the most efficient way.

All the appliances that we purchase today have incorpora…

Enjoy your preserves more by cooling them through ice water

Goditi di più le tue conserve passandole in acqua ghiacciata

The ice is becoming more and more popular in our day to day, to a greater extent. And, for this reason, there are new ice uses and tips coming out to increase the use of ice and take advantage of its benefits.

Buyers Guide for Commercial Ice Machine

Guía para compradores de Máquinas de Hielo comerciales

If you have come this far, it is because ice is one of the basic products in your business and you serve it daily.

Any detail is important to achieve customer satisfaction, so choosing the correct ice machine is an absolute necess…

Ice in restaurant chains

Supplier of ice machines in organized catering

Today we will introduce you to everything related to restaurant chains and the importance of having good suppliers, who provide prestige and security to your brand and the franchises that depend on it.

At Ice Tech we al…

Why buying an ice machine is profitable

Calculadora de hielo Ice Tech

Many establishments dedicated to the hospitality sector buy ice bags for the convenience that this entails and for the apparent savings it generates.

However, having an ice machine in your premises is a better guarantee: you save time and money.